Box Office collection Of Jawaani Jaanenam , Happy Hardy and Hero

'Hard Hero' and 'Gul Corn', heavy collक्शन पड़ीभारी, जानें Hair, 'Happy Sweetheart', Sapph 'Hardy & Hero' and 'Gul Corn' on the other day, heavy collection जानेमन' 'हैप्पी हार्डी एंड हीर' र 'गुल मकई' पर दूसरे दि
न पड़ी Hair, 'Happy Sweetheart', Sapph 'Hardy & Hero' and 'Gul Corn' on the other day, heavy collection, जानें कलेक्श
The second day of the second day of the youth 'Jawaani Jaaneman,' Happy Hardy & Hero 'and' Gul Corn 'film. Look at the same time films, then the Saif Ali Khan's film 'Youth Sweetheart' has increased the second day in the collection of the first day. There was no special increase in the rest of the two films.

'Youth Sweetheart' of Saif Ali Khan, said 3.24 on Friday. At the same time, the collection of the second day was about 4.50 crores. This way, the second day collection in the second day was increased by 50%. That is, that this movie has already collected a total of 7.74. On Sunday, the film's collection is expected to increase and. The budget of this film is being told 40 crores. Seeing the speed of the collection, it is definitely a bit of speed to reach the budget.

In the youngest, the Yeku Sai Ali Khan, Bhabu and Pooja Bedi's daughter are Ali Furniture furniture. This is the debew film of Alaya. This film has released 1100 screens and India's screens in 200 screens. This film was directed by Nitin Kakad and Austrum Jackie Bhadani. The first day of the Himinesh film 'Happy Hardy and Hero' could not perform something special at the box office

Happy Hardy and Hero 'Collection earned 12 lakhs first day. At the other hand, the second day is the approximately 12 to 13 lakhs. In this way, this film has already accessed the film 24 to 25 million. In this film, Imi Russemia has played double roll. The third film 'Gul Corn' has already collected 4 to 5 lakhs on the first day. The second day, this film's collection was about 4.50 to 5 lakhs. In this way, the total collection of this film is far from 8.50 to 10 lakhs.

'Gul Corn' is a victory of Pakistani activist and Noble peace prize, Malala is based on Yusufasai's life. In the 'Gul Corn', the actress Rima Sheikh has played the role of Malala.

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