Aamir Khan returns to Punjab with clean shave look

Aamir Khan returns to Punjab with clean shave look, shooting starts for next schedule of film Lal Singh Chadha

 Photo amir khan.

On Christmas this year, actor Aamir Khan is returning to Punjab again by leaving Akshay Kumar's Bachchan Pandey in front of his film Lal Singh Chadha.  The shooting of this film of Aamir started from Punjab but then he had the look of the long haired Sardar.  Now Aamir Khan is coming to Punjab to shoot with his new clean shave look.

Along with Aamir's sardonic look, his long bearded look has also been appreciated by his fans.  His clean shave look also became viral after the Sardar look on social media.  Lal Singh Chadha is a remake of the Oscar-winning film Forest Gump.  In the original film, actor Tom Hanks sits at the bus station and narrates the story of his personal life with the politics of America for three decades.  Aamir is going to do the same in the film Lal Singh Chadha and his character will be seen narrating his love story to the people in the midst of three decades of political developments in the country.

Photo amir and karina.

Lal Singh Chadha, written by Atul Kulkarni and directed by Advait Chandan, is one of the most awaited films of this year.  Earlier, Akshay Kumar's film Bachchan Pandey was releasing along with it, but due to Aamir having already booked most theaters for his film, the producers of Akshay Kumar's film have to move the release date of their film till next year.  However, Aamir has thanked Akshay for this 'generosity'.

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